The trend towards the use of bathroom fittings, furniture fittings, kitchen fittings, strike plates, door handles, saucepans, decorative covers, ornamental mouldings, decorative casings, root wood, trimmings, car body panels, rims, washbasins, implants and sanitary products as design objects places greater demands on the pre-covering finish. SHL customers can take advantage of a new robot cell for performing polishing work on high-quality components with complex 3-D contours to fulfil high quality standards, bringing increased flexibility. High demands placed on design and quality combined with a need for high diversity represents a challenge to polishing production plants and systems, whether it be polishing machines, polishing plant, polishing robots or transfer and production lines. As one of the leading system houses, we have the necessary core skills to produce turnkey robot cells for use on surface technology and automated workpiece and tool handling.

Thanks to their consistently modular design, SHL polishing cells can be individually configured up to specifications for the gripper, collectors, switching pallets, contact discs or the working program of standard components (polishing plant, polishing machines, polishing robots). The cells are based on stationary and pivotable polishing machines which are available as standardized single or double polishing machines.