TYPE EKS 250/450 ROB


More flexibility, more efficiency:
the new SHL machine concept!

With the new, modular SHL machine concept, you can adapt your systems to all requirements even more easily. Thanks to new modules, at any time you can react quickly and flexibly to changed requirements.

Act on a modular basis, work effi-ciently, remain flexible: witness a surface being processed in a way you've never seen before.
The new modular SHL machine con-cept has been designed for use in robot grinding systems. The machine is connected to the robot to create a single functioning unit by means of an SHL bus system.
The SHL-EKS machine concept wins approval thanks to its robust, stable construction. Several modules stacked on top of each other create more flexi-bility. In this way, you can achieve much higher efficiency and an even better performance in your production facility.

Our components, your benefits.

The new SHL-EKS machine is the right investment in the future of your busi-ness. In addition to the compact struc-ture, it allows you to stack several modules on top of each other. You will always get the optimum machine con-cept - for simple component geome-tries as well as for processing cost-sensitive parts.
In order to process your components flexibly and perfectly, just as required, you can use three different belt grades (grain sizes) as well as three different contact rollers (contact roller diameters, profiles and hardnesses).


Special design features 

  • Contact disk diameters of 250 to 450 mm
  • Sensitive and steplessly programmable control of the contact disk contact pressure to compensate for workpiece tolerances
  • Controlled frequency inverters for stepless control of the spindle speed 
  • Motor-controlled belt re-tensioning device to keep the belt tension con-stant
  • Digital display of the drive spindle's speed in the central control panel to adjust the speed level exactly to the job in question with regard to con-tact disk diameter and the materials to be ground
  • Pneumatically activated, automatic belt slacken-ing during belt changing
  • Even more flexible and easier to access thanks to the integration of the DPE series, as an option 
  • Powered contact roller








Contact roller ø 250 mm

Contact roller ø 350 mm

Contact roller ø 450 mm

Combination with DPE-G – for even
more flexibility and better
accessibility → DPE-G datasheet