SHL contact wheel grinding machine
Type KS 15 ROB

The SHL contact wheel grinding machine is engineered for deployment in robot grinding systems. An SHL bus system is used to link it to the robot and integrate it into a functional whole. The machine has been engineered to meet the particular demands presented by the grinding and deburring of machined workpieces and moulded parts with varying belt speeds, including extremely difficult contours and materials made from metal, non-ferrous metals, wood and plastics. Its compact form factor offers excellent freedom of movement for the workpiece. Grinding on either the contact belt or free belt is also possible.

Particular design characteristics

  • Microprocessor controlled frequency converter – for stepless control of spindle rotary speed
  • Digital display of the drive spindle rotary speed in the centre control panel. This serves to ensure the exact setting of speed level for the corresponding work area, in relation to contact wheel diameter and the materials selected for grinding.
  • Stepless, automated belt re-tensioning mechanism for constant maintenance of the belt tension set in the robot program or manually via the central control panel
  • Pneumatically activated and automated belt slackening during belt changing
  • Single-key activation of belt tracking mechanism on grinding machine 
  • Slimline form factor for minimum space requirements
  • Installation of small contact wheels is possible
  • Integrated into SHL grinding and polishing systems
  • Optimum accessibility via robot and great freedom of movement for processing – few protrusions