SHL stone grinding machine
Type SSM 500 ROB

The SHL stone grinding machine is engineered for deployment in robot grinding systems. An SHL bus system is used to link it to the robot and integrate it into a functional, compact whole. The machine has been engineered to meet the particular demands presented by the grinding of machined workpieces and moulded parts, for metals with varying speeds.

Particular design characteristics

  • Abrasive disc diameter up to 500 mm
  • Twin axial carriage assembly for cleaning and flatness production
  • Precision spindle mounted on roller bearings for superb radial runout accuracy
  • Stainless steel housing permits both wet and dry processing
  • Connection options for customer's own water filtration and suction removal plant
  • Fully-encased abrasive disc area
  • Excellent accessibility for maintenance and service
  • Microprocessor controlled frequency converter for stepless control of spindle rotary speed
  • Digital display of the drive spindle rotary speed in the centre control panel, for exact setting of speed level for the corresponding work area, in relation to abrasive disc diameter and the materials selected for grinding
  • Precision grinding spindle incl. positive air pressure to prevent ingress of dirt and water