SHL dual contact wheel belt grinding machine TYPE ZKS 250/450 ROB

A consistent further development – based on the proven SHL FKS: The SHL ZKS (dual contact wheel belt grinding machine) stands for even greater flexibility and considerably more efficient work. As an impressive advantage, this new SHL grinding machine offers two full-fledged contact wheels that can be swivelled automatically. The contact wheels can be fitted on a modular basis with different wheel profiling and Shore hardness. The SHL ZKS has been designed for use in robotic grinding cells. The machine is connected to the robot via an SHL-BUS system to create a functional unit.

In its construction, the machine meets the special requirements for belt grinding and burring of profiled workpieces and shaped parts, even such with most difficult contours and materials of metal, nonferrous metal, wood and plastics with various belt speeds. With the contact wheel, the machine can be used for grinding either at the free belt or at the contact wheels.

The ZKS has two full-fledged contact wheels arranged one above the other - the lower one is powered. The disk diameters are between 250 and 450 millimeters. The sensitive and infinitely programmable control of the pressure up to a maximum of 7 bar compensates workpiece tolerances. Depending on application and material, the contact wheels are automatically swivelled into the work area by the robot program. Infinite variation of the spindle speed by a frequency transformer.

Contact-wheel diameter and required parts tolerances of the material to be polished. The infinite tensioning device ensures process reliability. It keeps the belt tension that was set in the robot program on a constant level. Potentially necessary retensioning is controlled automatically by the SHL HMI or can be regulated by the user on the central operating panel. Changing the belts when worn is easy and thus reduces downtime. An automatic pneumatic belt tension release facilitates changing the grinding belts used in the ZKS 250/450 ROB with a length of 3,500 millimeters. Belt tracking is also quick and can be done automatically or manually, depending on the user’s choice.


Special Design Features
  • Two full-fledged contact wheels, the lower one is powered.
  • Contact wheel diameter from 250 - 450 mm.
  • Sensitive and infinitely programmable control of the contact wheel pressure to compensate workpiece tolerances.
  • Contact wheels can be swivelled into the work area via robot program.
  • Every contact wheel can be used with different profiling and Shore hardness.
  • Frequency transformer for infinite variation of the spindle speed.
  • The spindle speed can be regulated with the superordinate SHL HMI user interface. The speed level can also be controlled and preset for the different areas of application via the HMI interface.
  • Parameters such as contact-wheel diameter and parts tolerances of the material to be polished are accounted for by the SHL compensation.
  • The infinite tensioning device for keeping the belt tension that was set in the robot program on a constant level, is controlled via the superordinated SHL HMI interface.
  • It can also be set manually on the central operating panel.
  • Automatic pneumatic belt tension release for fast and easy belt change.
  • Motorized belt tracking device via central HMI or manually (optional), as illustrated.