Bespoke feed engineering:
setting trends for maximum productivity and efficiency.

Fully-automatic and correspondingly cost-efficient production and transfer lines are developed through the connection of multiple grinding and polishing plants with transport and pull-over systems as well as loading magazines and pallet changers. This enables both autonomous (unmanned) processing for up to an entire shift and its connection to other mechanical processing stages.

Decisive for the smooth function and thus maximum profitability and efficiency of the automated plant and production lines are tailor-made feed solutions. They achieve quick correctly positioned provision, acceptance and transmission of a variety of workpieces. All that remains for consideration are not only the "paths" but the mild treatment of the components to be ground and polished.

Examples of feed logistics:

  • Workpiece feed unit for the automatic loading of two robot plants standing opposite each other.
  • Loading and unloading table with slide table for pallet system
  • Loading rack with quick-tightening solution
  • Pallet stacking device with pallet exchange gripping device