SHL pivoting dual polishing machine
Type DP 1000 ROB

The SHL type SDP 1000 ROB pivoting dual polishing machine is engineered for deployment in robot polishing plant. All of the electrical elements required by the machine are located in a switch cabinet. From this unit, an SHL bus system is used to link it to the robot and integrate it into a functional whole. Constructed on a machine base, the processing unit can be pivoted steplessly right and left from the central position. The polishing machine is equipped with a dual polishing spindle, for fitting with 2 polishing disc sets.

The resetting of the robot program during disc wear occurs automatically, with the spindle rotary speed being increased to compensate for polishing speed.

Particular design characteristics

  • Two microprocessor controlled frequency converters for stepless control of spindle rotary speed
  • Digital display of the spindle rotary speed for exact setting of the speed level for the corresponding work area
  • Pressure-controlled compensation of polishing disc wear via a robot. Spindle rotary speed adjustments matching the disc diameter as it wears down occur automatically via robot control
  • Two liquid paste facilities, built into the polishing unit for easy accessibility and functionally linked to the robot system for control purposes. Each facility includes:
    – A high-pressure paste gun with 40° nozzle plus the necessary control and operating elements for paste control via the robot program
    – A tracking mechanism that automatically repositions the paste unit as the disc diameter is worn down, so that a constant distance to the disc is maintained at all times
  • Optional: Can also be supplied with a solid paste feed
  • Stepless, dynamic and simple to use +/- 90° pivot system, which ensures excellent accessibility during program configuration
  • Two abrasive discs, independent of one another as regards rotary speed and diameter, enable optimum processing in the workplace. This offers the opportunity to polish different types of product or deploy the abrasive discs for different types of applications