SHL polishing machine
Type P 550 ROB

The SHL type P 550 ROB polishing machine is engineered for polishing, Scotch-Brite, deburring and brushing processes. All of the electrical elements required by the machine are located in a switch cabinet. From this unit, an SHL bus system is used to link it to the robot and integrate it into a functional whole. The machine design takes the latest advances in polishing technology into account, and the system is engineered for the use of polishing discs up to 550 mm in diameter.

The P 550 ROB polishing machine takes into account the particular requirements of polishing machined workpieces and moulded parts with steplessly varying belt speeds, including extremely difficult contours from metal, non-ferrous metals, wood and plastics.

Its compact form factor offers excellent freedom of movement for the workpiece.

Particular design characteristics

  • Microprocessor controlled frequency converter – for stepless control of spindle rotary speed
  • Digital display of the spindle rotary speed in the centre control panel of the SHL control cabinet – for exact setting of the speed level for the corresponding work area
  • Automated compensation for wear as the polishing disc is progressively worn down. An electronic control circuit regulates tracking to ensure that the contact point remains constant to a precision of +/- 0.5 mm. The contact pressure can be adjusted steplessly at the central control panel.
  • Optional: Liquid or solid paste feed can be supplied as required