SHL deburring machine TYPE KS 15

The SHL contact roll grinding machine was designed for use in robotic grinding installations. The machine is connected to the robot via an SHL bus system to form a functional unit. The special requirements for grinding and deburring of profile-shaped workpieces and molded parts at different belt speeds have been considered in the design.

This includes complex contours and materials of metals, NF metals, wood and plastics. The compact design offers a large degree of freedom for movement of the workpiece. In addition to that, grinding on the contact belt or free belt is possible.

Special construction features
  • Microprocessor-controlled frequency converters – for continuous control of the spindle speed
  • Digital indication of the drive spindle speed in the central operating panel – for exact adjustment of the speed to the corresponding area of application with regard to the contact disk diameter and the materials to be ground.
  • Continuous automatic belt tensioning device – to keep the belt tension uniform as set in the robot program or manually on the central operating panel. • Automatic belt release during belt change with pneumatic actuation.
  • Belt track device to be operated via a button on the grinding machine.
  • Slim design – for minimal space requirements.
  • Option of mounting small contact rollers.
  • Integration into SHL grinding, polishing and deburring installations.
  • Maximum accessibility for the robot and large processing space; few interfering contours.