SHL deburring machine TYPE P 550

The SHL polishing machine type P 550 ROB was designed for use in grinding, abrasive surface finishing, deburring and brushing processes. All electrical components required for the machine are fitted in a control cabinet. The cabinet connects the machine with the robot via an SHL bus system to form a functional unit. The latest knowledge in polishing technology has been taken into account during construction, while the machine was designed for use with polishing disks with a diameter of up to 550 mm.

The polishing machine P 550 ROB meets the special requirements for polishing profile workpieces and molded parts using continuously adjustable polishing speeds; this even applies to most difficult contours made of metal, NF metals, wood and plastics.

The compact design offers a large degree of freedom for movement of the workpiece.

Special construction features
  • Microprocessor-controlled frequency converters – for continuous control of the spindle speed
  • Digital indication of the spindle speed in the central operating panel of the SHL control cabinet – for exact adjustment of the speed to the corresponding area of application.
  • Automatic compensation for the decreasing size of the polishing disk due to wear. The adjustment is executed by an electronic controller that ensures the point of contact remains constant with an accuracy of +/- 0.5 mm. The contact pressure can be continuously adjusted at the central operating panel.
  • Optional: Supply with liquid or solid compounds.
  • Compensation unit for milling cutters and brushes can be integrated.