Customized feeding technology
Benchmark for maximum productivity and efficiency

Cost-effective production and transfer lines with fully automatic functionality are developed by connecting multiple deburring and brushing installations with transport and lifting systems as well as loading magazines and palette changers. This enables autonomous operation (no staff) for up to an entire shift as well as interlinking with other mechanical processing steps.

Customized feeding solutions are most important for a flawless function and hence maximum productivity and efficiency of the automated installations and production lines. They ensure a fast supply in the correct orientation and takeover as well as transfer of different workpieces. Not only the "routes" but also careful handling of the parts to be ground and polished must be considered.

Examples for infeed logistics:

  • Workpiece infeed device for automatic supply of two robot installations facing each other
  • Infeed and unloading table with sliding table for workpiece carrier system
  • Loading rack with quick clamping solution
  • Stacking device for workpiece carrier systems with automatic repositioning equipment (paternoster)