Control engineering

Control engineering is responsible for the design and realization of PLC controls. A number of CAD workstations perform the central task of designing the electrical plant, the depiction of the circuit diagram in the form of e-plans and the co-ordination of the realization phase. The PLC control, the operating interface as well as the camera and drive systems are programmed here.

Moreover, the control engineering department wires the switching cabinet with the components, machines and peripheral units, thus preparing them for the software department. It establishes the foundations for the way in which the system subsequently moves and the design of the various processes (e.g. the design of measurement systems) in a fashion which corresponds as exactly as possible with customer-specifications.

The focus of this stage is fixed on the operator interface effecting interaction between man and machine. To design this is a practical fashion, it needs to be adapted to human needs. Our HMI operating interface (Human Machine Interface) developed in-house by SHL makes for easy operation, observation of the plant status and – if necessary – intervention in the process. Information is provided via touchscreen solutions.

Sensors play a vital role in this process. 
The greater the complexity of processing in grinding, polishing and burring processes, the more important is feedback. The recognition of the component and its potion, the comparison of dimensions and form – feeding, measurement, loading and unloading as well as logging and documentation: only with the use of state-of-the-art sensor technology enables the control and monitoring of these highly-complex production steps.