SHL deburring machines

Deburring and brushing

For several years, SHL automation engineering has been using their expertise in designing robotic production facilities for operations related to grinding, polishing and handling to design automation solutions for deburring and brushing applications. The integration of fully automatic processing installations makes deburring and brushing processes easier, more cost-effective and reproducible. The robotic technology significantly optimizes manual processing, which is very time-consuming in some cases. The deburring cell is produced according to component type, component group and customer specifications.

Special construction features
  • Depending on the requirements of the corresponding application, the workpiece or the tool can be handled by the robot.
  • Linking several work processes is possible without major difficulties.
  • Using robots offers flexible design options in comparison to single-purpose devices as the robot can be easily used for other purposes after reprogramming it.
  • SHL kit system