Turning and positioning unit Type DPE-G / Type DPE-K

The SHL turning and positioning units DPE-G and DPE-K are compactly designed and universally to use for grinding, polishing, scotching, deburring, sawing, milling and brushing. The new SHL turning and positioning unit DPE opens up a host of potential applications by functioning as a work piece rack or tool rack. It works with any other SHL machines. There are two models available to meet varying requirements.

DPE-G – turning and positioning unit for heavy use

DPE-K – turning and positioning unit for standard use

Compact design ensures a wide choice of applications. All the electrical elements required by the machine are accommodated inside a switching cabinet. From here the machine is connected to the robot via a SHLBUS system to form a functional unit.

Special technical features

  • Each model +/-90° off the central position:
    DPE-G -> 15° steps or variable
    DPE-K -> 15°steps
  • High positioning precision and dynamic
  • Soft acceleration phase
  • Perfect plate sealing with dirt-catching rubber lip
  • The large central boring ensures utmost flexibility in chord guidance.
  • Very soft harmonious movement thanks to the cam track: It’s a precondition for the shortest positioning times and long life.