Fully Automated Grinding with SHL
At Robert Plersch Edelstahltechnik in Hawangen, colleague robots take over surface and weld seam processing. The fully automated robotic cell was realized by SHL in cooperation with 3M

At contract manufacturer Plersch Edelstahltechnik in Hawangen, around 100 employees manufacture products from sheet metal on behalf of customers, from individual parts to entire assemblies. For stainless steel products in particular, customers place special emphasis on high quality and reproducibility in weld seam and surface finishing. That is why Plersch has now automated this process. In a robotic cell, the robot processes workpieces from the size of a cell phone to around one cubic meter, either tool-guided or workpiece-guided. The system was developed and implemented by SHL AG from Böttingen in cooperation with 3M. 

Processing times have been more than halved by using the fully automated robotic cell and abrasives from 3M. In addition, the health impact on employees is minimized because no employee is in the cell during the sanding process and the sanding dust is extracted. 3M and SHL have been official cooperation partners since as early as May 2021, and together they are implementing demanding projects like the one at Plersch Edelstahltechnik.